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The name “Buquê” came up after a detailed study was done to meet the events market.

A buquê (bouquet) is an arrangement with several flowers. It can have a well varied combination, its size can be small, large. The style, round, cascade and others. And even a buquê (bouquet) can have different purposes, objectives, meeting specific needs.

So we named our company, making an analogy to the bouquet of flowers. Buquê is a company that develops and provides a wide range of ideas, options and solutions for your events. The format and the more appropriate size plus the goal set since the beginning of the relationship with the customer.

Our BUQUÊ team is also quite diverse with training in the areas of Arts, Communication, Design, Marketing, and Languages.


Partner and Co-Founder


Graduated as a Designer, she always had a career focused on the business field, planning and management of teams and events.

The passage by large companies in the advertising industry such as Ogilvy and JWT, from the WPP Group, has enhanced her professional qualities, reinforcing her great negotiating power.

In addition, her national and international experience with leading brands – such as: Dupont, GM, Natura, LG, among others – consolidates her actual role in Buquê as a businesswoman ready to deal with very complex events, whether in the social or corporative area.

Organized, detail-oriented, and able to work under pressure, Vivian is a professional focused on results, who also knows how to capture the shine and emotion of each event that she works.